From the quarry site, huge granite slabs are transported to countertop manufacturing facilities to be cut into smaller slabs. These slabs are then shaped according to the design the suppliers requested, which is mostly based on their customer’s preference. Besides the top surface, the shape of the edge is essential in the overall appearance and function of a countertop.

The majority of countertops are rectangular in shape. This is the most efficient design since it can accommodate essential fixtures and provide sufficient working space. It also follows the shape of the kitchen area, allowing for a wider space for movement.

Like any stone cut along the side, a sharp edge is formed on virtually all edges of a countertop during the first stages of manufacturing. These edges are smoothened to prevent risks of cuts and bruises on people preparing food or doing other kitchen chores. Granite countertops can have either eased edges or square edges.

An eased-edge countertops is characterized by its slightly rounded edge, while a square-edged countertop has sloped edges. Either provides safety for the family members and guests. In most cases, this characteristic is even improved when the polish is applied. The polish can create a smooth surface across the countertop and around the edges.

When it comes to home improvement and remodeling projects, the kitchen is one of the most popular areas homeowners would rarely hesitate to spend serious amounts of money on. There is really something in the kitchen that gets people excited, perhaps it’s because having a nice-looking kitchen has a positive effect on cooking. Homeowners from key areas like Missouri are keen on investing in different types of kitchen upgrades, including countertops made of granite.

The Insider Daily article shares how expensive granite can get. Perhaps, the main concern for homeowners who opt for this premium type of stone is how to get the best value from their investment. Finding the best granite coutertops in St. Louis entails more than the pricing as there are other crucial factors you should consider to arrive at the right purchase.

Granite has been widely used as kitchen countertop material for a long time and it has certainly been matching up to homeowners’ expectations. Its exquisite look and sturdy structure stir a sense of security and pride. However, do you have any idea how your granite countertop ended up being the resilient and elegant-looking material it is today?

Like many other rocks and minerals being excavated in quarry sites, granite is a naturally occurring material. It’s found deep in the Earth’s crust, formed by cooled magma that had been flowing back and forth into the crust for thousands of years. The cooling stage allows the granite to achieve its resilience and durability.

Granite contains quarts and feldspar, which give it a light shade and different patterns. The color these elements produce range from pink to white, while others are dark-colored. They can form thousands of combinations that allow for a wide selection of styles that homeowners can choose from. Unlike other materials, it’s easy to find a granite countertop that perfectly matches their kitchen due to the multitudes of selections.

The smooth or glazed surface of granite, however, is not natural but a product of finishing. There are many ways to give granite a marketable finish, including, polishing, honing, and flaming. Each results in a different texture or appearance that make granite countertops perfect for almost any type of kitchen design.

With 2014 underway, some homeowners from Missouri and other parts of the country opt to start the year by upgrading their homes with various types of home improvement and remodeling projects. Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most favorite areas homeowners want to play around with when it comes to infusing their design ideas using some of the finest and most elegant materials available – like granite.

Shopping for the right type of granite in St. Louis that perfectly fits your kitchen or bathroom can be a tall order, considering the many different styles that are available in the market. Furthermore, you should also factor in the quality of the slabs you are purchasing, as not all granite are the same. So how do you pick the good ones that will give you the best value for money?

Some of the best experiences of the family happen in the kitchen. This is where the kids get taught how to bake cookies and the parents prepare surprisingly tasty meals for guests on special occasions. Thus, an exquisite-looking and fully functioning kitchen is a worthwhile investment.

One way to invest in a kitchen is to put a granite countertop. Unlike other materials, granite possesses a plethora of qualities that will convince any homeowner that it is the ideal choice. Aside from being naturally elegant due to its unique colors and style, granite countertops are extremely tough. They have been formed under extreme temperatures and pressures underground, hence their high density.

Many experts in countertop installation would attest to the idea that no two granite countertops are identical. Meaning, each has a unique appearance that will give the kitchen its deserved individuality. The uniqueness, itself, is more than enough reason to prefer granite to other materials.

With proper sealing, granite countertops can perform efficiently without receiving dents and scratches from constant use. This increases the value of a home. Many home buyers immediately ask realty agents if the house they are buying has a granite countertop, and most houses with this element will have higher resale values.

When the granite is sealed, the pores on the surface of the natural stone get blocked and liquids can no longer penetrate. Through sealing, homeowners can avoid staining, maintain their countertop’s beauty, and keep bacteria from thriving within the granite.

Granite slabs are available in various colors and patterns, so St. Louis homeowners have several choices for their countertops. Once they have found the perfect stone, they can take care of the countertop through sealing, if needed.

Choosing the right countertops in St. Louis does not only mean settling on one that homeowners think will look best – other factors need to be considered, as well. The design needs to be something residents will not get tired of after only a few years and the material should not require constant maintenance, especially if they lead busy lives. For homeowners looking for a durable material with lots of options available, quartz is a good candidate.

St. Louis countertops will often be used whether for cooking, eating, or even other activities not typically done in the kitchen, like children doing their homework. As such, the material’s durability and low maintenance feature will make it easy for homeowners to preserve their kitchen’s perfect look and feel.

A kitchen won’t be complete without an elegant-looking countertop. This is often a kitchen's focal point, as well as the most functional element. No wonder many homeowners spend a lot of time, effort, and money just to look for the countertop that perfectly fits their kitchen. Although most countertops are exquisite-looking, not all of them may fit certain kitchen designs.

Granite countertops are the most preferred type due to their wide array of colors and patterns. Granite comes in around 3,000 different colors, which means it can have a match for the same number of kitchen designs. This makes it easier for homeowners to take their pick and be completely satisfied with their choice.

Depending on the size and design of the kitchen, there are various shapes and edge designs that a homeowner can choose from. Be it egg and ogee or bevel, you just have to make sure it won’t affect the functionality and look of the entire kitchen. Square edges, however, are standard and may match any type of kitchen.

To make a more accurate choice, the homeowner should go to a store and mix and match different types of granite and surfaces. Most stores allow their customers to choose this way. Some even provide expert advice on how to choose the ideal granite countertop to ensure the customer will make an informed decision.

Homeowners rarely spare any expense when it comes to remodeling their kitchen, after all, this is the place where most of the grueling housework gets done. One of the most common renovations that people opt for is having their countertops replaced, typically with durable granite slabs.
The biggest factor that will determine the quality of the granite countertops to be installed in your kitchen is the company where you bought them from. There are many different providers offering the same services or similar products, but note that not all granite slabs have the same quality. Look for a company that offers a wide range of granite styles, colors, and designs to give you more options. Moreover, go for companies that are recognized by the Marble Institute of America and the American Society of Interior Designers to ensure that the granite you are getting are topnotch in terms of quality.

Finding the best slabs for kitchen countertops is just half of the battle as you also need to have them professionally installed by experts. Leading companies employ skilled technicians equipped with the knowledge and latest technologies to ensure flawless installations.

By finding the best quality granites and the right installers for the job, your investment will become one of the best decisions you have ever made for your house and your family.

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most favorite areas homeowners want to play around with when it comes to infusing their design ideas using some of the finest and most elegant materials available – specifically granite. As you may already know, granite is a naturally-occurring material that varies slightly in strength, color, composition, and the like depending on where it was harvested. In essence, shopping for the right type of granite countertop in St. Louis that perfectly fits your kitchen or bathroom can be a tall order, considering the many different styles that are available in the market.

If you are undecided as to which type of granite will match your cooking space, then it is best if you go for suppliers and providers who offer an extensive catalog. Aside from the more common options like black, and other popular styles, you should also consider checking out other colors that are not commonly used. Retailers of granite counters usually have a long list of options that come in unique, lovely colors that will surely transform any space.

If you have limited knowledge regarding granite and choosing the best one, on the other hand, it is highly advised that you talk to experienced retailers for guidance right at the start of the selection process. Tell them what you want to see in your bathroom or kitchen and share some of your ideas. This will help them choose the right kind of granite countertop for you.

Granite has become a material of choice for countertops due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Homeowners, however, need to remember that proper maintenance can help their beautiful countertops last for a very long time.

With a permanent sealer, most granites need to be sealed about every two to three years. Homeowners may ask their contractors or fabricators of high quality natural stone if the type of granite they have needs periodic sealing. Owners may also do occasional tests like checking if water seeps into the granite, which is an indicator that the countertop needs to be sealed.

Since some types of granite can be porous, homeowners should be careful when handling liquids or using products with high acidity on and around the countertop. Other liquids that penetrate the granite can cause stains and may even serve as breeding grounds for germs and other harmful bacteria.

When granite countertops in St. Louis, MO, or in other places, are sealed, then the pores on the surface of the natural stone get blocked and liquids can no longer penetrate the granite. Through sealing, homeowners can avoid staining, thereby maintaining their countertop’s beauty, and keep bacteria from thriving within the granite.

Granite slabs are available in various colors and patterns so homeowners have a lot of choices for their countertops. Once they found the perfect slab of granite for their kitchen, they can take care of the countertop through sealing whenever necessary.

Visit the full slabs of the stones you have selected. Inspect them for color to see if you enjoy the color in the slab with your samples. Look at the veining or color patterns; stones with busy grain work better in contemporary kitchens with simple cabinets and tile, while tight-grain patterns work better in traditional or busy kitchen designs. Getting stunning St. Louis granite countertops doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to choose the right color that will work for your kitchen. Remember, though, that aesthetics isn’t the only reason to buy granite; in the end, you should also consider quality and durability.

A lot of homeowners and real estate agents will agree with the concept that the kitchen is one of the most important parts of a home. In fact, a well-designed a cooking space will help in boosting the value of the house come reselling time. This is why when you are designing or remodeling a kitchen, one aspect that needs careful thought and consideration is choosing the best material for the countertops.

Granite is an extremely durable stone substance, making it a suitable countertop material. It helps that granite’s natural looks are also very appealing, and will suit the style of most kitchen layouts. Skeptical homeowners should purchase granite countertops in St. Louis and see for themselves how well the substance performs as a surface. It is said that granite is second only to diamond in the field of durability, and with close care, it can last virtually forever; granite is also extremely easy to clean, especially since the material can be sealed in order to prevent spills from leaving ugly and permanent stains. Due to the natural formations of granite, no two slabs ever look the same, making each piece unique and organic in design. Granite comes in different colors as well, allowing householders to select a shade that best complements their kitchen; colored granite also doesn’t need painting, nor does it fade, so homeowners don’t have to worry about repainting.

Slab granite offers a more solid and dandyish look to your kitchen, although installing it can be very hard due to its sheer size. This is why you need the help of contractors who specialize in granite countertops in St. Louis, like those from Granite Busters, Inc., when handling slab granite. They can properly install the countertop at your desired corner of the kitchen and apply the necessary coating to increase its resilience. Granite has infinite gradients and patterns. If you're looking for one that goes well with your kitchen's existing surfaces, consult companies like Granite Busters Inc., who offer granite countertops in a variety of colors and styles. Such companies are well-versed in the qualities of the products they sell, and that's how you can be sure you're not picking the wrong one.