A countertop is an essential kitchen element; it provides a functional surface for food preparation, while at the same time enhances the look of your kitchen. When it comes to the material your kitchen countertop is made of, you have to look for one that has the toughness, resilience, and smoothness needed for your kitchen activities — granite.

Here are some reasons why granite countertops are such a huge hit among many homeowners and kitchen lovers:


Granite is a type of igneous rock formed from cooled magma that have been deposited underground. The granite countertop you have at home is a slab of rock cut from a quarry. Because it isn't synthetically produced or process, its natural strength is preserved. No wonder more granite counters remain intact for many decades.


A well-prepared granite counter is impermeable. However, this is only 100 percent achieved if the surface is properly sealed with a special type of sealant. Such a task is best performed by a professional during installation. It would always be better to hire a professional to install your granite countertop than doing it by yourself if you really want it to last.


While strength and beauty do not come together in many products, granite countertops have both of these qualities. The different patterns and colors of granite create an elegant look that match all kinds of kitchen. You can see your granite countertop outshining all other elements in your kitchen as soon as it's installed and sealed.