Granite is a metamorphic rock that was formed in the high pressures and temperature of the deep earth, and as such is naturally made to be extremely durable and fireproof. It also doesn’t easily blister, nor will it be easily chipped. These are what makes it a great material for granite countertops.

Different Components

One of the best things about granite countertops is that one slab can be completely different in looks compared with another. One of the reasons for this aesthetic uniqueness is that it is made up of a wide variety of minerals interlocking together, quartz and feldspar, being among the most common. These minerals mix in together to develop the unique patterns.


Granite is blasted out of the ground in quarries, where they are then chiseled and drilled into individual slabs of about 4-5 feet wide and 7-9 feet long. The quarry also adds to the uniqueness factor, as the granite in each one has been subjected to varying levels of geological formation, not to mention the presence of varying minerals in each one.


There are various tools and equipment that can help turn the quarried granite stone into the countertops that grace your kitchen or bathroom counters. There are manufacturers who make custom-made granite countertops, while others let you choose from pre-cut ones. Each one will have its own pros and cons, so choose your granite source carefully.