Out of all the kinds of countertops out there, granite countertops are probably the most popular. Not only are they beautiful to look at, they are also fairly durable enough to be used in kitchens and bathrooms. Aside from that, they are also easier to clean and maintain than other countertop materials, especially wood. The only thing that homeowners have to worry about are spills, chips, and cracks which can become permanent. However, the benefits of granite aren’t just limited to aesthetics, strength, and upkeep.

First and foremost, granite slabs are literally unique: no two slabs of granite are the same, even if they were mined from the same quarry. Granite stones take into account a variety of factors, like heat, moisture, and the presence of other minerals as they “grow” under the earth. Once they are mined, granite blocks greatly differ from each other in terms of hardness, color, and texture. Retailers usually sell granite slabs that came from the same block, but even then the slabs have tiny variations.

As such, granite slabs that have a consistent pattern are hard to find and they are sought after by almost everyone, especially by many real estate buyers looking for houses for sale. This is the reason why granite countertops are known to increase a home’s retail value by at least 10 percent.

The kitchen is more than just a space where you prepare and cook meals; it's also one of the few spaces in your home that you’ll want to show off to your guests. Who wouldn’t marvel at a kitchen that’s not only fully furnished with equipment, but also expertly designed as well? Homeowners who want to add a little spice to their living spaces would do well to outfit their kitchens with furnishings that are both fashionable and functional.

Countertops don’t exactly come to mind when it comes to fashion, however the surfaces maintain a dominating presence on the kitchen. Simply put, a kitchen won't function as well were it not for these countertops. This is where all the preparations for those gourmet dishes happen, after all. Fortunately, there are different kinds of countertops, with their own distinctive appeal, for different types of kitchen owners.

Some of the most popular textures for kitchen countertops are slabs of real hewn stone. Of these, granite is a perennial favorite among homeowners, although marble, onyx, and quartz are also viable alternatives. These stone surfaces look simply beautiful due to the organic patterns that dot and swirl on them, and it certainly helps that they’re all immensely durable materials that last very long with regular upkeep.

"Maintenance An article on Ask.com offers advice on how to maintain granite countertops: Even though it’s not as porous as marble, granite sometimes needs to be sealed regularly in order to stay stain-resistant and maintain its durability and overall appearance. When in doubt, use a warm water and soap mixture to clean your granite. Granite can be vulnerable to etching when put in contact with acidic liquids like lemon juice and vinegar. Kitchen countertops for St. Louis homes should be made of sturdy, durable, and long-lasting materials—all qualities that granite possesses. By getting a countertop installed right, and maintaining it properly, you can rest assured it will serve you well in all your food preparation, cooking, and other kitchen needs."


"Besides appreciating their high strength and density, homeowners would love granite counters for their natural beauty. Each cut comes in distinct patterns and colors, which is why most designers claim that no two granite counters are the same. Homeowners can choose among styles ranging from black forest to black galaxy and decide which fits well with their kitchen interior. To get the best selection of high-quality slabs of granite in St Louis, it is crucial to visit only reliable suppliers, such as Granite Busters. Unfortunately, not all granite counter installers know the type of granite that best suits a kitchen. In such cases, the homeowner or the installers themselves can consult expert designers, who usually work with St. Louis granite suppliers. This is extremely important considering that the material is not easy to transport and install."


"In itself, granite is a remarkable material because it has a unique, luminous look and the durability that is typical of volcanic rocks. It is generally non-porous, which means it resists liquid spills rather than absorbs them. Furthermore, its non-porous surface allows it to be cleaned with mild detergents rather easily—a useful characteristic for kitchen countertops. Since it has already been pressure and heat-treated before being put on the market, granite can also resist burns from a hot pan or cooking pot. Perhaps the only downside to granite countertops is that their durability may also be a liability; they are generally too heavy and expensive to replace easily. Granite slabs that were not treated with water-based sealants can also be stained by oil-based products. Fortunately, makers of granite countertops from St. Louis, MO or elsewhere can offer these special treatments and improve the strength of the already-durable products."


"Out in the Midwest, perhaps one of the most sought-after additions to any kitchen are lovely granite countertops for St Louis homes. Folks might want to purchase these elegant fixtures from retailers like Granite Busters in order to add class and value to their houses. Such installations do not only serve as smooth and strong surfaces on which one can whip up meals. They also serve as key accents in the room. As such, they would prove important in case homeowners decide to sell their residence and want good returns. Renovating kitchens can raise the value of a property, as well as make the building look much more enticing to buyers looking for a chic and hip place. The addition of popular granite counters can truly bring out the beauty of a plain space."