"In itself, granite is a remarkable material because it has a unique, luminous look and the durability that is typical of volcanic rocks. It is generally non-porous, which means it resists liquid spills rather than absorbs them. Furthermore, its non-porous surface allows it to be cleaned with mild detergents rather easily—a useful characteristic for kitchen countertops. Since it has already been pressure and heat-treated before being put on the market, granite can also resist burns from a hot pan or cooking pot. Perhaps the only downside to granite countertops is that their durability may also be a liability; they are generally too heavy and expensive to replace easily. Granite slabs that were not treated with water-based sealants can also be stained by oil-based products. Fortunately, makers of granite countertops from St. Louis, MO or elsewhere can offer these special treatments and improve the strength of the already-durable products."