Without a doubt, granite countertops are some of the best additions you can have in your kitchen. After all, granite is durable, heat-resistant, beautiful, and doesn’t lose its value over time. However, you can’t just grab a granite slab and install it on your counter top on a whim, as granite is also one of the most difficult materials to work with.
For starters, granite is incredibly heavy and there’s a good chance that run-of-the-mill counters will not be strong enough to handle the weight. This is one of the reasons why many of those who wish to install granite countertops take things to the next level--they renovate their entire kitchen with better quality furniture and appliances. Granite is also unpaintable, which means that you have to ensure the slabs you get goes well with your kitchen’s color scheme.
If possible, you should also test for the authenticity of granite slabs before buying them. Other types of rock, like limestone, can mimic granite’s appearance but not its other strengths, like durability and heat resistance. One easy way to test for granite is to pour vinegar on the surface of the slab. Genuine granite can resist this acidic liquid, whereas other rocks lose their luster to it.