The installation or replacement of granite kitchen countertops is one of the most appealing and cost-effective home improvement projects to consider. After all, the kitchen is among the frequently used parts of any home. Aesthetics and functionality ought to work together, and that is where granite countertops come in handy.
There are drawbacks associated with utilizing granite slabs as kitchen countertops— the product itself and the installation can be fairly expensive. However, the benefits and features that come with it can be priceless.
Granite is one of the hardest commercially available polished stones that features exceptional appeal and ease of maintenance. Although granite is not that impervious to damage, it can be resistant to chemicals and tough stains; especially when applied with sealers.
Granite won’t simply break, melt, scratch, or chip unless intentionally and severely inflicted with damage. It’s a durable material that has a remarkable natural protective seal impenetrable by heat and stains, unlike marble and other stones.
Granite’s aesthetic properties are distinctive and striking enough that it would be hard to resist its charm. Such material won’t likely depreciate in value; instead, it will add value and warmth to your home.

You may also consider installing granite kitchen sink and flooring to complement your countertops. With the plethora of available designs and colors, it can be easy to convert your kitchen into an eye-catching and valuable room. Consult with experienced granite designers and contractors to find the most appropriate style that suit your needs and budget.