Durability and elegance: these are the two words that best describe granite. This material, forged for hundreds and thousands of years by the earth itself, is also quite unique and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors that can help turn your kitchen into a majestic, personalized haven. Here are some of the most popular colors in granite countertops:


Few colors can compare to black in showcasing the chic brilliance of your clothes; the same goes for your granite kitchen countertops. Such countertops, which are mainly mined in Australia and South Africa, can come in deep black for a nice, dark luster, or one with a variety of other colors mixed in smaller proportions for a nice artistic look.


This color brings about an air of nostalgia, back in a time when most home interiors were made of wood. Hence, you should go for this hue (which can range from light beige to the darker chocolate) when decorating your kitchen in an old-world theme. Brown countertops can also blend greatly with almost any wall or floor color.


Red hues like rose and burgundy are often mined in granite quarries in China and Brazil. These colors, along with their varied striations ranging from white, brown, black and beige, make for a truly elegant kitchen that can be a nice combination to light-colored cabinets, walls and floors.