Granite attracts more homeowners looking for elegant kitchen countertops than any other materials. Its natural beauty matches pretty much any type of surface. It comes in various colors and patterns, allowing homeowners to choose what will work well with their kitchen design and appliances. Below are some of the qualities that you should look for in a granite countertop.

Experts rate granite countertops in terms of hardness, thickness, consistency of grains and patterns, and polishing. Hardness is typically not too much a concern since granite mined from the earth's crust have virtually the same properties. However, there are granite blocks that may have not undergone sufficient heating and cooling underneath the earth, resulting in much lower density.

No two granite slabs are the same, at least in their grains and patterns. However, it's important to choose granite slabs that have consistent grains, especially if you are planning to purchase several pieces and put them together afterwards. This way, you'll avoid mismatched pieces that can be a complete eyesore.

Despite granite's hardness, it can be broken when enough pressure is applied. Many would simply glue the pieces together and eliminate any sign of cracks. Nonetheless, the fractures will still be visible if you look closely. Choose a granite countertop without any signs of repair.