It’s been a common fact that for every kitchen remodeling project, granite countertops always occupy the top half of the list. Preferred by numerous homeowners and interior designers, granite is hailed primarily because of both its aesthetic and functional value. 

So if you’re a member of the majority, here are some tips on how to pick the best colors for your granite countertops: 

  • Make adequate comparisons. Asking a contractor for a granite slab without you seeing the color or design firsthand is a commonly-overlooked risk. Carefully survey your existing kitchen appearance first and determine which color would perfectly accentuate it. Take pictures and bring them to the contractor for adequate reference. 

  •  Visit a showroom. Online shopping is convenient, but nothing beats seeing the item with your own eyes. Fine color details are tough to photograph and subtle differences in textures and shades can be missed out. 

  • Consider the lighting. Color is highly-dependent on light, so if the kitchen has poor lighting, it would be hard to appreciate a specific color. If the kitchen has little or no natural light, colors like white or gold are preferable. Darker colors are best appreciated with substantially-lit areas. 

Lastly, choose something that best resembles your preference. Renovation projects are mainly fueled by personal wants, so it is best to pick out design motifs that is “you”. It adds a significant personalized touch to the home, and even monetary value when it’s time to pack things up.